Related Sites

Below are resources that have useful materials about Celestia.

  • The Celestia Motherlode
    The Celestia Motherlode has the largest collection of Celestia resources on the web. There are hundreds of add-ons, as well as a library of documentation and utilities.

  • Selden's List of Resources for Celestia
    Selden is one of the most active members of the Celestia community and compiled a large catalog of notes, documents, and add-ons for Celestia. His collection is of particular interest to more technical and scientific-minded users.

  • Educational Activities for Celesta
    Frank Gregorio has created twelve detailed tours of space for Celestia. Each of the tours comes with documentation and a student worksheet for classroom use.

  • Old Celestia Russian Forum
    Russian-language Celestia Forums. Now obsolete and read-only, only kept up because of resources avaliable there.

  • Celestia Wikibooks
    Celestia online Wikibooks for help documentation.

  • Celestia for Mobile Devices main site with links to downloads of the mobile versions of Celestia along with hosted addons.