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Halonic Symbiosis

Post #1by selden » 16.11.2023, 03:21

Gentle friends,

One of the stories that I've been working on (for years!) is now available at


It's an "Interactive Fiction", meaning that it's in the form of a Web page. To read the (very short, partial) story and the (much longer) associated essays, you should click on appropriate links. To start with, you either can click on the link "Contents" or you can click on the picture of the book's front cover.

I'm sure it'll be somewhat confusing, since it takes place in the far distant future, 10,000 years from now, when AIs rule the galaxy.

Any comments are welcome.


P.S. It started out strictly emulating a physical book, meaning it was intended to be read sequentially. However, some early readers objected strenuously, so now you have to select between "Linear" and "Tabular" navigation options.

Most "Interactive Fictions" are actually "text adventure games." Given that expectation, you should explore some of the "book's" not-so-obvious options to fully experience what it has to offer.


The image on the "book's" front cover was created using Celestia.

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