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Lylat System - DanielPol-anco

Post #1by DanielPol-anco » 10.07.2023, 21:44

Star Log - Page 1

Good morning, I'm DanielPoollanco/DanielPol-anco and here I show part of the development of the Lylat solar system, from Star Fox. This is more for a project I'm doing but I also consider posting it here on this website. I show pictures of the development.

At this moment there are the planets of Corneria and Titania, as well as the star of Lylat and "the star of Solar" (I know very well that it is a lava planet and not a star, but due to limitations (and because I am a bit new to using the code) I decided to leave it as such).


View of Lylat, with Corneria and Titania.


Close-Up of Titania.


Close Up of Corneria.

With this, I hope to bring this to the full version.
Right now, I'm doing the script for Fichina and the textures for Katina.

Sincerely, Daniel Polanco aka. Daniel Pol-anco.
End of Star Log.

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