Grand Tour Sun

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Grand Tour Sun

Post #1by Shadow-Dragon-777 » 25.12.2022, 23:30

The Sun... Probably the first celestial body Man recognized but could not figure out the true stellar nature of it until the 18th century though theories of it popped up thousands of years prior but were not widely accepted. Today it is known the Sun is of the medium size when it comes to stars, being a G2 class. It is a white color with only vague hints of being yellow, the Earth's atmosphere colors it to look like a lower mass G, K or even M type star while the atmosphere of Mars has been found to give it the illusion of looking as blue as a B type star.
The Jupiter-sized source of the September 2017 superflares appears menacing in the foreground while granules pepper the surface as faint detail beyond.

This addon combines reprojected SDO imagery in the 21, 14, 7, and 0 days leading up to the September 6 2017 X 9.8 superflare in an 8K texture. It may not look like much but when zoomed in, one can faintly see the millions of granules on the solar surface as well as the large sunspots that graced the sun's surface during this time period.


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