Jupiter Texture by EarthMoon

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Jupiter Texture by EarthMoon

Post #1by EarthMoon » 17.12.2023, 18:14

So, because I was bored, I have created a 2k texture for Jupiter, based on an image by the Cassini-Huygens mission:

Cassini-Huygens image of Jupiter during the flyby on Jupiter

This is the texture (created with GIMP and a few edits with MS Paint):

Texture, 2k

Because the image only shows one side of Jupiter and it is a bit darker at the planet's edges, I had to copy+paste and edit a lot of the texture to fill the missing regions of Jupiter. The north and south pole regions are entirely generic because of geometric reasons, the image cannot show both poles at once (from any finite distance you can only see < 50% of the sphere's surface, only from infinity you can see exactly 50% of the surface).

An addon for this texture can be found here.
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