ViDiBa - Virtual Discrete Base (LITE version)

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ViDiBa - Virtual Discrete Base (LITE version)

Post #1by Croc » 19.12.2017, 19:01

Complete with Celestia 1.6.1 there is a small base of asteroids and a small base of comets.
The screenshot below shows the orbits and names of all asteroids and comets Celestia 1.6.1.


And what will happen to the big bases? The following screenshot shows a collection of asteroids with a population of> 3000 objects:


Solve the problem of visualization will help Virtual Discrete Database (ViDiBa). ViDiBa a new tool - VidibaBox.lua, included in the composition of GUI Lua Universal Tools v4.0 / v5.0. When the [ViDiBa] button is turned on, the "ViDiVa visibility" panel opens with several dozen check-boxes. Each checkbox includes a single discrete database, for example, "Aton":


Users can edit Virtual Discrete Base themselves (delete or add objects to databases), and create new virtual databases.

This tutorial is intended for users. He tells about the structure of ViDiBa created on the basis of the Collection of asteroids and comets from the Project "Celestia Origin" dated April 30, 2017.

A. In the folder lua_universal_tools_v2 / ViDiBa are subfolders with discrete databases:


For example, in the folder asteroids01 there is a discrete base of asteroids01.lua.
Note. The folder name and the name of the database in this folder must be the same!

B. For users, the names of the folders Asteroids01, Asteroids02, Asteroids03 ... are not convenient to work, for this, using the file en.lua
(located in the folder lua_universal_tools_v2 /locale /en) machine names are translated in a user-friendly form:


Thus, the discrete base of Asteroids-Atons is in the folder Asteroids14.

C. Open with a simple text editor file Asteroids14.lua:

Code: Select all

Asteroids14 =
labelcolor = {0.964, 0.432, 0.100, 0.8},

    objects =
"Sol/1998 WT24",
"Sol/1989 VA",
"Sol/1999 FK21",
"Sol/1978 RA",
"Sol/1976 UA",
"Sol/2014 HQ124",
"Sol/2009 WQ6",
"Sol/2000 WO107",
"Sol/1992 FE",
"Sol/2008 EV5",
"Sol/1976 AA",
"Sol/1986 EB",
"Sol/1984 QA",
"Sol/1986 TO",
"Sol/2000 ET70",


Very simple and understandable syntax:
1. At the beginning, you specify the folder name in which the discrete database is located, and the equal sign =. In this case:

Asteroids14 =

2. Next, open brace {, closed curly brace at the end of the file }.
3. After the first open curly bracket, the operator specifying the font color for this database in the "ViDiVa visibility" panel is specified. In this case:

labelcolor = {0.964, 0.432, 0.100, 0.8},

4. Then the operator objects = is specified, the curly brace is opened, the objects entering the discrete database are listed, the curly bracket is closed. In this case:

objects =

Note. Asteroids are indicated with the parent body at the beginning of the line (in this case, the Sun), with a slash, in quotes and with a comma at the end of the line. Example:

"Sol/1998 WT24",

D. Discrete databases are loaded into the computer's memory according to the list in config.lua. See the fragment:


E. To control the visibility of the asteroid in the declarations of each asteroid there must be a operator Visible false. Example:

Code: Select all

"2 Pallas:Pallas" "Sol" #1=
   Class   "asteroid"
   Mesh   "2 pallas.cmod"
   Orientation   [ 90 0 1 0 ]
   Texture   "pallas.jpg"
   Radius   275
   Visible   false

To test the ViDiBa tool, users can use the updated Collection of asteroids and comets from the Project "Celestia Origin" dated April 30, 2017.

Bases are set to Celestia 1.6.1 c LUT-5 in the extras folder. See the topic for more details. Graphical interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta - RELEASE ! (new edition 14.12.2017)

Note. To avoid duplication, other bases of asteroids and comets are recommended to be deleted, wherever they are.
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