Cockpits Version 3D-1

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Cockpits Version 3D-1

Post #1by jogad » 11.08.2016, 14:56


Addon localization: en, de, fr, it, nl, ru.
Archive includes cockpit with navigation and 10 models cab (2D and 3D). And also a manual in English, French and Russian.

Cockpit management
It allows using several cockpits. You can change cockpit without leaving Celestia.
The plugin manages:
  • Simple cockpits made of a simple texture
  • Cockpits with multiple views including th
  • e possibility to have external views.
  • 3D cockpits which are true 3D models of cockpits or full models of spacecraft.

Navigation and maneuvering help
Maneuvering in space becomes much easier.
The speed management is assisted by the program.
The usual keys of the pilot mode (a, q, z, x, *, s) are redefined to behave more friendly.
A new operating tool allows you to move left, right, up and down as well as forward and backward.

Before install the Cockpits plug-in, be sure that one of these programs is correctly installed:
  • Lua_Edu_Tools version 1.2 beta 9 (Version 1.2 beta 8 works as well)
  • Lua Plug-ins for Celestia 1.6

Note: I don't develop this add-on anymore and I can't provide support for it
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