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Problem with material in CMOD file (done)

Posted: 12.11.2022, 10:10
by EarthMoon
I'm working on a model for comet 67P, but the CMOD model has material bugs.

The (CMOD) model is in ASCII format for better visualizing (the bug also happens when I save it as binary file).

In the model's material definition I wrote "diffuse 1 0 0" (= red (just as example); blue marker),
but CmodView's material editor shows "Diffuse: 0 0 0" (= black; red marker),
and the model is displayed in white.


Original model source:
Converted to obj by Blender 2.79 (3ds format is not possible due to its 65535 vertices limitation, but the model has 740338 vertices).
Then I used CmodView to convert it from OBJ to CMOD (without materials, added them with 3DS 2 CMOD Converter's fix function).

Why isn't the material shown?

Here the fbx, obj and cmod files:
The attachment is no longer available

Posted: 12.11.2022, 14:19
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Converted to obj by Blender 2.79
That's your problem, CMOD View bugs out directly OBJ files to CMOD.

Posted: 12.11.2022, 16:39
by John Van Vliet
is this the texture you are trying to use ?

if so it is too complex a UV mapping to work for a cmod

Posted: 12.11.2022, 19:22
by trappistplanets
John Van Vliet wrote:if so it is too complex a UV mapping to work for a cmod
than is it possible to bake it into a cylintrical texture, just like how i can bake orthographic views of an object into a flat map using blender
if one is able to do it with a sphere or irregular shape from orthographic view, than in theory it should be possible to "covert" that map to a flat cylintrical map

Posted: 13.11.2022, 02:41
by John Van Vliet
it is possible but a cube map would be better

and cmods support a cube map

Posted: 14.11.2022, 14:52
by EarthMoon
I'm not trying to use a texture, I just want to find out why the comet will be rendered in white, not in red (see post #1)

Posted: 14.11.2022, 15:46
by EarthMoon
Ah, I found a way to fix this: open the model in Blender 2.80 (newer versions have features that I don't need and are laggy a bit) and apply a material (e.g. base color white) to it before converting to CMOD.