Bugs with textures

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Bugs with textures

Post #1by Ferbik EN » 22.08.2023, 04:00

I'm trying to texture my planet (Hades) but it's just scarlet.

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Post #2by MrSpace43 » 22.08.2023, 15:24

Maybe if you provided an image of the problem, we could see what we could help you with. You can't just post something with no picture and assume that we will automatically know what you are talking about.
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John Van Vliet
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Post #3by John Van Vliet » 22.08.2023, 16:56

if it has a ring then it might be a graphics issue , ie your 3d card/driver

or it might be a issue with your ssc file

but without more information it is near impossible to diagnose

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