High Fidelity Gravity Models

Here you find pointers to utilities that help you create addons for Celestia.
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High Fidelity Gravity Models

Post #1by NASA_SimGuy » 12.05.2020, 13:15

Anyone know if there are high fidelity gravity models for objects like Earth's Moon in Celestia? We have a few models in our simulations but I would like to cross check them with Celestia. We are using LP100 and GRAIL.

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Post #2by Gurren Lagann » 12.05.2020, 16:16

I'd like to note one thing: Celestia is more of an emulation (no gravity simulation between planetary bodies) than a simulation.

If you are going to plot a spacecraft in Celestia with gravity models included, i recommend using GMAT to make the SPICE files for the trajectory of the spacecraft.
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Post #3by selden » 13.05.2020, 19:28

Rather than thinking of Celestia as a simulator or even an emulator, I prefer to think of it as a 3D display program which happens to be optimized for showing astronomical objects. Celestia has to be told where each object is and what it looks like. It draws planets, moons, stars and DSOs in their correct locations only because of the "catalogs" which tell it where to draw them. As Gurren wrote, Celestia does not implement gravity. Nor does it implement any other inter-body forces. Any such interactions are only apparent. They seem to happen only because of how detailed the catalog entries are.

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