Celestia Config Manager

Here you find pointers to utilities that help you create addons for Celestia.
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Celestia Config Manager

Post #1by Alexell » 22.03.2017, 11:17


Current version: 1.2
Date: 22.03.2017
Available languages: English, German, French, Russian
Source code: GitHub repository

Description: Celestia Config Manager was developed for Celestia and Celestia Educational. It’s designed to make Celestia configuration easy, and for managing its addons. It supports most of the spacecrafts, and following Lua-tools. Program has the possibility of translation into other languages, as well as an automatic check for updates.

Installation and use: extract into Celestia folder. If Celestia installed in Program Files or Program Files (x86) directory, then Celestia Config Manager need to run as administrator.

A list of changes from version 1.1.4:
  • Repository moved to GitHub
  • Now license is GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Removed update module (automatic update check will open link to this topic on your browser)
    • Now the anti-virus will not find problems in this program.
  • Removed links "Recommended downloads" from "About" tab
  • Removed Mars Features (by Leserg) support.
  • Removed all code functions for working with Celestia EP
  • Removed help calls (help.chm already deleted from project)
  • Update language files (delete now unused strings)
  • Updated external links for addons and new website

This version can work with:
  • Celestia (all versions except 1.7.0)
  • Celestia 1.6.1-ED (old version)
  • Lua Edu Tools v1.2
  • Lua Universal Tools v1-v2

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