All comets of 2023

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All comets of 2023

Post #1by EarthMoon » 20.09.2023, 15:19

This is my first addon since long time, an addon containing all comets discovered in 2023, based on the MPCORB AllCometEls.txt file's data, converted to SSC with a small Python script. I will update it when new comets are discovered.

- This addon doesn't contain comets which have an eccentricity = 1 because they are not working in Celestia (unless you convert them to XYZ/XYZV/BSP files).
- The values of these orbital elements (rather the epoch) seem to be slightly different than the values of the JPL SBDB because my .py script uses simple functions and formulas to convert them, but this won't really matter since there is no spacecraft flying to one of these comets (yet)
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