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Arcadia Revamped

Posted: 07.09.2023, 07:05
by Eric Nelson
In the Orion's Arm addons, the Arcadia addon included a 3DS mesh of it that only accounted for one time period and was unrealistic.

I worked on Blender and made improvements of it with a UV "sphere" of twice the resolution (4x the number of faces), UV mapped the texture onto the mesh, and added displacement mapping to model the geology.
Note that (like the original low quality version) this only accounts for sea level to peak.
Since 3DS models can only go up to a certain resolution, I did my best to give models like Arcadia good resolutions in the common ratio.

The normal and exaggerated versions are modeled after each time; preterraformed, winter, and normal, to match up with the textures.
I give credit to the owners of the Orion's Arm addons including John Dollan and Steve Bowers for the Arcadia and its textures and files.

Atmosphere and clouds turned off on the screenshots to show clear views of the models.