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Corta System

Post #1by Trolligi 112477 » 14.08.2023, 13:14

The Corta System is a very old concept of mine, dating back to 2019, when it was first created. Corta was originally meant to be a system for a KSP (Kerbal Space Program) mod. The idea stuck around for some time, as the system slowly evolved with multiple additions and modifications over the years.

But then, recently I decided to make it in Celestia, in June, when I again revamped the system layout. Finally, I decided to make the Corta System now, and here it is.

The current iteration of the Corta System is a binary system between a red dwarf and a brown dwarf, about 4,600 light years away in the constellation of Puppis. Corta (the primary) has 7 planets, and Aridos (the secondary brown dwarf) has 5 planets.



(103.41 MiB) Downloaded 213 times

- CubicApocalypse for some of the materials used in the textures of this addon
- SevenSpheres for Vuvos' cloud texture (it's from his GJ 1061 addon)
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