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Star Wars Addon Thread (2023)

Posted: 18.07.2023, 21:04
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Time for something new, and for me to release some kind of new addon, so time to add some Star War ships that where never made into addons years ago that are on the Celestia Motherlode. Note: the ships are models that were converted from their original files types posted to the Model's Resource as I have no modeling skills nor know another place to source models like this. These models also aren't the most detail and can hopefully get updated to better models at some point.

These addons will also be dependent on the modified version of Jestr's Tatooine, Endor and Death Star that is present on

So here is the first of the ships to be added, the ARC-170 Starfighter common to the Clone Wars era battles.

Model Source:
Model ripped by whitetuxedoguy on the Models Resource.

Addon Download:
Note: All future addons I post will be via drive links to keep the Forums storage size down.

Posted: 11.08.2023, 08:09
by Karistus_

Bogano is the first fully explorable planet presented in Jedi: Fallen Order. Temporary home of Jedi Master Eno Cordova, its is the place where Cal Kestis meets the ever iconic BD-1. This addon is a full reconstruction of the Bogano system, from the orbits of the planet to the classes of the stars within using screenshots and recordings from JFO as well as concept art featured on Gabriel Yeganyan's ArtStation and in the "Art of Jedi: Fallen Order" book released by Respawn

Bogano, procedurally reconstructed from the concept art of the planet and not based on it's in-game look (cause i thought it looked a lil took close to a terraformed Mars)

Bogano is a unique world in of itself. It's a world riddled with sinkholes and underground caverns from severe erosion, which, to me, shows that the planet is probably geologically dead. Its covered in grassy plains, plateaus and some wet marshland in some ravines and valleys. The planet is home to sever unique lifeforms such as the adorable Boglings and the ever annoying Oggdo. The planet seems to be an Earth analogue, as with a lot of planets in Star Wars, so it has the same size and mass as Earth

Onto the stars. Bogano circumtriniarily orbits three stars, a unique feature of this system. The primary star, which I have named Tunalah (Center star in the image below) is classified as a K2 due to its light-yellow orange as seen in concept art and in game. Ollast (right most star) is classified as a K6 thanks to its much deeper orange and finally Ciplia (left most in lower image) is classified as an M5, its the only one out of the three that does make an in-game appearance but I added it in regardless.

The names of the stars are meaningless since i didn't want them to be just Bogano A, B, and C respectively, though they still use those designations

Bogano overlooking it's host stars

The addon has two downloads: a hires (4096 x 2048) one for those who want better looking textures and a medres (2048 x 1024) one for those who dont want this to take up alot of space

[Download Hires] (64.41 MB)

[Download Medres] (15.56 MB)

Posted: 12.08.2023, 01:48
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Here is the next Star Wars ship I've converted to an addon, the Lucrehulk-class Battle Ship of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Like with many of the Star Wars ships addons, this one requires Jestr's Tatooine, Endor, Death Star addon found here ->

The addon can be downloaded from here ->

The model was converted from the original OBJ to CMOD from the original model ripped from SW: Battlefront 2 and posted to the Models Resource by ggctuk:
Ship information from here:


Ebon Hawk

Posted: 17.08.2023, 15:15
by DaveBowman2001
The Ebon Hawk is a Dynamic-class freighter and smuggler ship that was both owned by Darth Revan and later Meetra Surik, almost 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin. It is primary setting of the 2003 game Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel The Sith Lords. This addon places the Ebon Hawk in orbit above Tatooine, which according to the first game is one of four planets where the map to the location of the Star Forge can be found

The original FBX model was retrieved from SketchFab, which I converted into CMOD for use in Celestia. Credits to the original author written down below.

(11.76 MiB) Downloaded 80 times

Author: lemonaden

Sith Interdictor

Posted: 04.09.2023, 07:40
by DaveBowman2001
A Sith Interdictor is a 600-m long battle cruiser that was used by the Revanite Sith Empire on its conquest to destroy the Old Republic about 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin. The most infamous Interdictor, the Leviathan, is the personal flagship of Darth Malak in the 2003 game Knights of the Old Republic. This addon places the Leviathan in orbit above Coruscant

The original FBX model was retrieved from SketchFab, which I converted into CMOD for use in Celestia. Emissive lighting is made by me. Credits to the original author written down below.

(4.23 MiB) Downloaded 88 times

Author: MichaelEGA