Large Quasar Groups (LQGs)

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Large Quasar Groups (LQGs)

Post #1by Gurren Lagann » 11.10.2022, 23:36

Large Quasar Groups
Lighthouses of the cosmos
The distribution of known quasars in LQGs.

Huge LQG and the Clowes-Campusano LQG complex. You can see the voids separating Huge, CC, and Newman.

Quasar [VV2006] J105855.3+081350, in the Huge LQG.

Yes, there's now actual quasaric representation in Celestia. Isn't that awesome?
A total of over 300 quasars in almost 20 LQGs are shown here. I strongly recommend running the mark_lqgs.cel script for this addon.
The only LQG not included here is the 7Sf Group/U0.19, due to a lack of information. I would be extremely grateful if someone could find SIMBAD/NED/VizieR data on the LQG.

- The BL Lac jet mesh is by Alejandro Moreno, from that Celestia catalan website.
- The quasar jet mesh is by Cham and Vision.
- The E0 galaxy mesh is by LukeCEL.
- The Seyfert galaxy mesh is a derivative of my Endurance Galaxy mesh.

The addon itself.
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