16510 Ipipipip - system from my fiction writing (Version 1.0)

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16510 Ipipipip - system from my fiction writing (Version 1.0)

Post #1by Kochav Israel » 19.08.2022, 14:01

16510 Ipipipip is a star system which is a crash site place in one of my Air Crash Investigation fanfictions.

The story originated in February 2020, and I've told it over at a house party to people. One of my friends actually helped me pick atmospheric temperature and pressure for the crash site planet (1789 K, 210.1 MPa). I've posted the fanfiction as an InfoURL to planet g inside the addon.


The planet g, before I typed in TempDiscrepancy.

I'm planning on improving this in the future by adding moons, minor objects and improving textures.
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