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history of Earth

Posted: 18.08.2021, 08:39
by Daly
I don't think technology is wonderful, I actually have a lot of old maps, every million years is a calendar year. this is an example of the project i have been doing

Posted: 20.08.2021, 02:38
by Eric Nelson
The problem with the earth_to_scale.cmod mesh is that its oblateness is MUCH greater than that of the actual Earth is.
Earth has an oblateness of 0.0033528 and the mesh (which was made in 2006) was made with an oblateness of 0.01.
The model should've originally been made with an oblateness of 0, so that you can render Earth on Celestia accurately without any problems.
And the mesh of Earth 50 million years ago is highly exaggerated in geology, as we never had mountains or anything that tall in all its history.

Posted: 20.08.2021, 15:57
by trappistplanets
agreed about the topography
i can see large verticies in the pic of the thing
concept is nice, but the topography exageration needs to be toned down, and the mesh needs some work to remove the vertex artifacts

Posted: 07.09.2023, 06:08
by Eric Nelson
Yes, and that the earth_to_scale.cmod mesh should've had its oblateness at 0 instead of 0.01 so that you can give it its own oblateness in the Celestia folder and have it and the atmosphere match up.
No one wants to see an Earth mesh with an oblateness greater than its atmosphere, as that's too unrealistic.