Cel:// URL Library [feel free to share your Cel:// url!]

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Cel:// URL Library [feel free to share your Cel:// url!]

Post #1by EarthMoon » 30.09.2022, 11:04

A topic to post Cel:// URLs. Share nice views of the solar system, planets, galaxies, spacecrafts, galaxies, nebulae or any other things as Cel:// url. To generate a Celestia link, just press "CTRL+C" in Celestia to copy the url to the current location, camera orientation, position, render flags and time to clipboard. Feel free to share anything you love in Celestia!
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1.6.3, 1.7.0 sRGB, 1.6.1 ED (plain)

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Celestial (a Celestia-like program written in Python)

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