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Please cleanup old attachments

Posted: 15.07.2023, 19:26
by onetwothree
Today I went through 265 pages of attachments listed in admin panel. I was able to remove ~4 GB of garbage, so the total size is less than 20 GB. But we still have a lot of old versions of addons. Please remove them.

Posted: 16.07.2023, 01:38
by DaveBowman2001

Posted: 16.07.2023, 07:41
by onetwothree
DaveBowman2001 wrote:Here's all my obsolete addons that I can't remove myself because the thread they're posted, Spacecrafts for Celestia, is locked:

Thank you. I've removed them all.

Posted: 20.07.2023, 10:38
by DaveBowman2001
There are still a lot of old obsolete addons posted in the locked Spacecrafts thread by other authors that I think can be safely removed since they are replaced by newer versions over time...I'll provide links to them later on