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Rendering an Observer's Grid

Post #61by KTesseract » 29.06.2021, 02:06

Hello, I am a newbie to the forums, so as so many who have gone before me, I might be posting my question in the wrong place. I apologize for my ignorance. My downloaded version of Celestia is old: Version 1.6.1 (I started with an even earlier version before upgrading to 1.6.0 and then 1.6.1 way-back-when). As such, maybe this feature/idea/request of mine has already been addressed or ruled out. I would love to see an addition rendering grid. We already have four static grid options: Equatorial, Horizontal, Galactic, Ecliptic. What I an referring to is a non-static grid that "follows" the observer where ever he goes. The observer's current Zenith being the "top" of the Grid (i.e., Observer's latitude +90 degrees. The observer's current Nadir being the "bottom" of the Grid (i.e., Observer's latitude -90 degrees). The observer's zero-latitude wouldn't be the Earth's equator, but the "horizon" of the observer at that point and position in time. The observer's 00 longitude could be due North, or in the direction of the Point of Aries, or whatever the designers deem complimentary to existing astronomical conventions. The thing about this rendered grid is that it wouldn't be "static" but change [follow; be locked on, the observer as though it were type of cage to which the observer is bolted inside]. What I assume this would look like would be the Observer's Grid would reflect its longitude and latitude lines straight vertical and horizontal (spheroid perspective, of course) -- and remain such from the observer's viewpoint regardless of where they move in space or time -- while the other rendered grids (Equatorial, Horizontal, Galactic, Ecliptic) would continue to bend and tilt according to the changing position of the observer. I hope my rambling makes sense. This type of observing-subjective changing grid is something I have never seen elsewhere, so it might be a first if the Celestia designers see fit to render it. Having something like this would likely benefit a great many folks: be they astronomers, calculus aficionados, video-game developers, etc.

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Post #62by selden » 08.11.2021, 20:35

Arch Linux Celestia v1.6.2.2-1 incorporates Lua v5.3. This makes it incompatible with Windows Celestia v1.6.2.2, which incorporates Lua v5.1. It also seems to have broken most of my scripts.

I've spent most of today trying to find out where this change originated and have been unsuccessful, so I'm posting this notice of the problem here.

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