celestia.space is now on github, please contribute

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celestia.space is now on github, please contribute

Post #1by onetwothree » 28.09.2020, 20:35

I have imported main parts of celestia.space to github (https://github.com/CelestiaProject/www). Now we can go further with translations, adding new sections and so. So far there are two proposed updates: add links to mobile version and add a new section for Celestia Origin.

Unfortunately me & Markerz don't have time now so please contribute.

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Post #2by Art Blos » 29.09.2020, 10:25

In addition, we proposed to create our own subsection for the "Echo" project. If FarGetaNik agrees and provides the necessary material.

I also do not have time to deal with the site. Otherwise, the twelfth CO release will include much fewer addons. :insane:
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Post #3by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 29.09.2020, 16:50

For as big as CO is, it needs its own section on the website.
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