How to add objects in Celestia?

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How to add objects in Celestia?

Post #1by TobiSwia11102001 » 19.11.2021, 10:12

Hi! I need help. I don't know English well and I'm going with Google Translate, and I would like to add an object to the Celestia program and I don't understand what I'm writing here:

"Mercury" "Sol"
Texture "mercury. *"
Radius 2440

CustomOrbit "vsop87-mercury"

# Overridden by CustomOrbit
# EllipticalOrbit {
# Period 0.240846
# SemiMajorAxis 0.387098
# Eccentricity 0.205630
# Inclination 7.005
# AscendingNode 48.331
# LongOfPericenter 77.456
# MeanLongitude 252.251

BodyFrame {EquatorJ2000 {}}
CustomRotation "iau-mercury"

# Overridden by CustomRotation
# UniformRotation
# {
# Period 1407.5
# Inclination 28.55
# AscendingNode 48.331
# MeridianAngle 329.548

Albedo 0.06

Could you please explain to me how I have what to enter correctly. Please. I would love to spice up the space in Celestia.

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Post #2by SevenSpheres » 19.11.2021, 18:50

Selden's addon guide is useful, as is the Celestia Wikibook, particularly the SSC documentation and tutorials. These are all in English though.

What's your native language? There may be guides in that language, or members who speak it who can help you.
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Post #3by gironde » 20.11.2021, 07:29

in wikibooks

this are deprecated :

Height f Thickness of the atmosphere in kilometres.
Lower [ R G B ] Colour of the atmosphere near the surface.
Upper [ R G B ] Colour of the atmosphere near its top.
Sky [ R G B ] Colour of the sky when seen from inside the atmosphere.
Sunset [ R G B ]

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