Error in .ssc file (Line 2): object name expected

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Error in .ssc file (Line 2): object name expected

Post #1by Endeavor35 » 13.02.2021, 05:01

So I was able to get a hold of a Windows device in order to continue developing add ons for Celestia. However, I'm now running into a new problem when creating my add ons. Using my SNC Dream Chaser .ssc file as a template for my future add ons, I am now ending up with none of my add ons loading in Celestia aside from Dream Chaser itself. With only the following error being spat out of the Celestia console.

Error in .ssc file (Line 2): object name expected

Now I know for a fact that the only thing on line 2 is the "{" which starts the main section of code for the .ssc file. Is there something that I'm doing wrong that I was able to get away with on MacOs? I use Microsoft VS Code both on Windows & MacOs to create my .ssc files, and I haven't been able to determine what it is that I am doing wrong now that didn't occur when I created Dream Chaser.

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Post #2by john71 » 13.02.2021, 07:49

You should use Notepad++ to edit the ssc files. Sometimes I had to convert the ssc file to ANSI code, because otherwise invisible characters tainted the code.

I suspect that MacOS hid some invisible code into the ssc file.

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Post #3by gironde » 13.02.2021, 10:10

Sierra Nevada Corporation Dream Chaser

Hello Endeavor35
celestia's log file does not provide the line number that is in the ssc file when it is edited in a text editor.
see line 8 Ending " "
a value is missing. If there is none to put, remove Ending or comment out
# Ending ""

PS : You should put your spacecraft addons in the 'Spacecraft for Celestia' section. They would be easier to find.


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Notepad++ is good to edit the ssc, stc, dsc files and others
for me the encoding is in UTF8.
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