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Current status of Celestia's Twitter account

Posted: 04.07.2023, 05:07
by TheLostProbe
Before today, Celestia's Twitter account was managed by me and onetwothree, which was possible via a once third-party website called TweetDeck that allowed for users to efficiently manage one or more Twitter accounts at the same time. Due to the recent changes to Twitter's API, TweetDeck completely broke down, and was quickly replaced by a new version with an updated design... and plenty of unfortunate limitations.
Old TweetDeck let account owners give other accounts access to their account, without needing a username or password to access. This is no longer the case with TweetDeck 2.0. Instead, you have to logout of your current account and login to the other account, using the login credentials of that account. I obviously don't know the password to the CelestiaProject account, and I'm not sure that onetwothree would want to give me the password.
What makes this situation even worse is that TweetDeck will become a Twitter Blue exclusive feature in 30 days. That means I will have to pay 13 AUD (8.65 USD) per month, just so I can use TweetDeck and manage the Celestia Twitter account. onetwothree doesn't need to pay for Blue because he can just login to Twitter and post straight from there.

Posted: 04.07.2023, 06:32
by onetwothree
stupid musk. let me think.

Posted: 06.07.2023, 00:34
by DaveBowman2001
Time to give Celestia other social media accounts?

Posted: 06.07.2023, 07:47
by onetwothree
We use twitter because there a lot of twitter users.

Posted: 06.07.2023, 09:21
by DaveBowman2001
Yeah, but there's also a lot of Facebook and Instagram users as could benefit Celestia's promotion to the public more if it is spread out to other platforms, especially if Twitter continues its "sporadic" self-destruction. I'm not saying this doesn't occur on other platforms, just the problems facing Twitter right now is simply worse imho

Posted: 06.07.2023, 09:31
by onetwothree
Who gonna post on these platforms? We have only one volunteer to work with Twitter while need one more to post regularly.

Posted: 06.07.2023, 11:37
by TheLostProbe
since I am currently unable to use TweetDeck to run the Twitter account, I can definitely vacate some of my free time to other social media platforms. though I am not really familiar with neither Facebook nor Instagram

Posted: 07.07.2023, 15:55
by DaveBowman2001
I can probably help in the Instagram one. Though I have a Facebook account, I haven't yet tried maintaining a page for it, but it shouldn't be hard to do so I think

Posted: 01.09.2023, 05:21
by TheLostProbe
coming back to this...
given that I'm unable to access the Twitter account and onetwothree is too busy to manage it, we should probably just branch out to other platforms. Facebook and Instagram would be the best options, since they have very large userbases. lev and I discussed the possibility of a YouTube channel in this GitHub issue, so if we go through with that and also make YouTube Shorts videos, we could reupload those to a TikTok account since they're the same format.
a lot of Twitter users are flocking to other microblogging platforms, like Bluesky, Firefish, and Mastodon. maybe it wouldn't hurt to create an account on these platforms as well (though Bluesky is a closed beta and requires an access key that somebody already using Bluesky has to send to you, so that's an issue)

Posted: 02.09.2023, 22:37
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Best to start with Facebook and YouTube out of those, something like BlueSky or Mastodon would be good to start after the program has a social media following. TikTok and Instagram, I have no clue about priority, though there is SnapChat as well (could get some traction there since NASA uses it). There's also Reddit, but that is already covered (just need to get more traction on it).

Posted: 04.09.2023, 01:44
by DaveBowman2001
For Facebook/Instagram, I've been thinkiong of sharing screenshots like those from its original Twitter account is doing

Celestia is now on Bluesky

Posted: 23.09.2023, 10:23
by TheLostProbe
title says everything I guess. this account will be used to somewhat replace the Twitter account, and since most Twitter users are flocking to Bluesky in anticipation of the platform's collapse, it is good to have anyway

Celestia is Now on Instagram

Posted: 18.10.2023, 13:41
by DaveBowman2001
Earlier this day, @Markerz and I have also set up Celestia's own Instagram account

UPDATE (231021): The Instagram profile was renamed to CelestiaProject