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by smcameron
31.12.2022, 06:03
Forum: Utilities
Topic: Gaseous Giganticus
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Re: Gaseous Giganticus

> I will contact the developer soon to add a custom seed option. Hello. I am the author of gaseous-giganticus. You have not contacted me about this proposed custom seed option (it's been more than 30 days since your post stating that you would contact me.) In any case, the -w option, "w dimensi...
by smcameron
23.11.2022, 01:39
Forum: Textures
Topic: Gas Giants
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Re: Gas Giants

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread... I'm the author of gaseous-giganticus. I noticed you guys seem to be manually converting cubemaps to equirectangular images. Since Jan 2022, gaseous-giganticus has the -E option which allows outputting equirectangular images directly. From the man page: -E,...

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